Two Sides of a Coin: Heads
May 1964 - Steve McGarrett first meets a promising HPD officer named Danny Williams -- and the legend begins.
Two Sides of a Coin: Toss
Early August 1967 -                           Sequel to Tails -                    McGarrett wants Danny Williams as his second-in-command, but some surprising obstacles make this much more difficult than he ever imagined.
Romeo Foxtrot Niner Niner
March 1968 - April 1968 -             Layer after layer of intrigue is unpeeled when covert operations are unexpectedly revealed to Williams and Five-0.
No Brass, No Ammo, No Peace
October 1971 -                                    An epilog to AND I WANT SOME CANDY AND A GUN THAT SHOOTS - Unresolved issues haunt Steve and Dan after the sniper ordeal on Diamond Head.
Gifts of the Heart: Connections
December 1971 -                            At Christmas time, McGarrett and Williams come to understand synchronicity.
Two Sides of a Coin: Tails
June 1967 -                               Sequel to Heads -                McGarrett and Williams find a new working relationship is sometimes neither easy or smooth.
Premature Aloha
October 1969 -
A sinister and ghoulish Halloween case for Five-0.
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Red Christmas
November-December 1969 -
It's the holiday season in the Islands, and Five-0 has to stop a serial killer who threatens to make it a Red Christmas.
Aloha, Walter
September 1970 - With retirement looming, Attorney General Walter Stuart ties up a dreaded loose end with a Five-0 detective.
Lords of the Land
January 1969 -