The Fantasy Island Trilogy
Three mystical, magical stories that tie together some amazing discoveries by the Five-0 detectives.

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December 1968 -
Dan enters one last surf competition.
December 1972 -
McGarrett deals with a politically rough case, a murder and a missing detective.

Spring 1974 -
McGarrett finds mayhem, mystery and maybe murder in Maui

August 1976 -
Aunt Clara is in trouble and Dan is forced into extreme and unorthodox measures to help her.

Spring 1976 -
The victim of a hate mail campaign, Steve dismisses the attacks too lightly.

August 1969 -
A door is opened to Dan's past and he discovers the truth about his parent's deaths at Pearl Harbor.

August 1973 -
A safehouse operation goes tragically wrong.

March 1973 -
Steve and Dan take different paths on an important investigation.

May 1972 -
While on the Big Island, Steve and Dan are trapped by criminals.

May 1969 -
Kono confronts superstitions on a stake-out.

March 1972 -
Alternative Timeline Story - Steve's sister, Mary Ann, comes on holiday in Hawaii with tragic results.

August 1978 -
VIP's of Honolulu are being poisoned and the crimes hit close to home for Five-0.

March 1976 -
An old enemy of McGarrett's resurfaces and shows Five-0 the tragic consequences of his revenge.

June 1977 -
Five-0 runs afoul of international drug smugglers with terrible results.

May 1977 -
After Dan suffers a tragic and mysterious accident, McGarrett tries to put the pieces together.

January 1973 -
A criminal wants to payback Danny for killing his brother.

Fall 1974 -
Five-0 versus Drug Runners. Both sides will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, no matter the cost or the sacrifice.

Sequel to Fanatic

Summer 1974 -
Clever, violent criminals outsmart Five-0 in a crime wave that keeps the detectives off-balance with injuries and unusually cunning methods.

August 1974 -
Steve and Dan travel to the Big Island for adventure and murder with Kono!

October 1970 -
Luck turns from bad to worse on this ominous day.
November 1970 -
A new Five-0 case is a real nightmare.

July 1978 -
Suzy Kelly wants to follow in her father's footsteps.

March 1974 -
A bank holdup involves Five-0.
August 1974 -
McGarrett is swept up in the middle of a domestic violence case.
February 1974 -
A new criminal is on the scene in Honolulu and nearly destroys Five-0 with life-altering tragedy
September 1968 -
Dan takes Steve hiking to smooth out the friction on the job.
April 1973 -
Someone is systematically injuring the Five-0 detectives.
January 1978 -
Five-0 deals with serial killings.

May 1973 -
On assignment to the mainland, Danny is kidnapped and McGarrett's search leads him far from home, to the alien shores of Mexico.

August 1971 -
Sequel to AND THEY PAINTED DAISIES ON HIS COFFIN and THE BOX. Big Chicken escapes prison and wants revenge against McGarrett.
Spring 1976 -
Dan Williams is targeted for revenge.

August 1970 -
Someone is out to discredit Dan.

December 1976 -
An unauthorized biography on McGarrett has Honolulu buzzing and Steve burning!
April 1979 -
If you haven't read Too Personal on Gina's Epilogue page, do it now before you read this!

February 1978 -
An old friend from Dan's past unsettles the mending relationship between Steve & Dan.

June 1976 -
Five-0 fails an investigation with horrific results.

November 1967 -
A great story about a young sharpshooter!
October 1974 - Russians, demonstrators and assassins complicate McGarrett's life. And what happened to Dan Williams? Is Wo Fat involved?

August 1968 - New Five-0 detective Danny Williams gets a baptism of fire when he tries to save his new colleagues.

May 1968 - Steve offers Danny a slot on Five-0 team.

August 1968 - McGarrett gets some heat after appointing a new second-in-command

June 1971 - Danny runs afoul of local Kumu fanatics.

April 1976 -
After both officers are injured on duty, a friendly (?) competition ensues over who is more fit to return to duty -- McGarrett or Williams.

June 1972 -
An important decision leaves Kono and Steve at odds.

July 1972 -
Obsessive fanatics are found on both sides of the law when a radical North Vietnamese officer leads a band of followers on a reign of terror in Hawaii.