Composed by Barbara Woodside and GM


Extrapolated from data received from all twelve seasons.

Since some data contradicted other data, or information was incomplete, fan creative imagination filled the gaps. Common sense and overall series continuity applied for other results. As more details are discovered from watching and rewatching tapes, or seeing new, hitherto edited scenes, more trivia (oops, did I say that?) -- minutiae -- details will be added.

Episode references appear in [brackets]. 

Episode commentary ** my opinions on some important episodes and scenes

Fan story references (stories that are already, or will be in the future, posted on this site) appear in *asterisks*.

If the information is not documented with an episode title, the information is creative speculation. Some entries are speculation mixed with on-air commentary.




December 30, 1927 -- Stephen J. McGarrett born [DEATH IS A COMPANY POLICY / HIGHEST CASTLE DEEPEST GRAVE]

1937 -- Age ten, Steve contracts polio -- full recovery [ONCE UPON A TIME]

December 8, 1937 -- Dan Williams born in Honolulu [KING OF THE HILL]

1941 -- Age thirteen, Steve's father killed by a fleeing criminal in a hit and run accident [NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET]

December 7, 1941 -- Dan's parents killed during Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he lives with his uncle, then a Hawaiian family who takes in another boy orphaned on that infamous day. *Rememberance* *Ohana* *Island Sons*

1941 - 1946 -- Sometime during this period Steve breaks a leg and has his appendix removed [ONCE UPON A TIME] [DEATH IS A COMPANY POLICY]

June 1946 -- Steve graduates high school September 1946 -- Steve enters Naval Academy

June 1950 -- Steve graduates Naval Academy and ships off to Korea, working in Naval Intelligence

1951 -- Captured by North Koreans, Steve is a POW for three months *(several stories on this site)* 1951 -- Steve in Japan [WOODEN MODEL OF A RAT]

1953 -- Korea -- Walter Stuart orders Steve to gather evidence against Joseph Trinian, black marketeer, who is convicted and sentenced to prison [YESTERDAY DIED AND TOMORROW WON'T BE BORN]

1955 -- Dan Williams graduates from high school.  Joins the Coast Guard.  Stationed at San Francisco.

1957 -- Danny returns to Hawaii and attends University of Hawaii, majoring in criminology with a minor in psychology. [KING OF THE HILL]

1958 -- Dan's Uncle Jim Williams dies.  Dan  transfers from University of Hawaii to UC Berkeley

1958 -- McGarrett assigned to Hawaii

1959 -- Hawaii becomes the 50th state
 Walter Stuart recommends to Governor Jameson that McGarrett head up Hawaii Five-0

Steve leaves NI to start Five-0 [FORTY FEET HIGH AND IT KILLS] As a gift the governor gives Steve a desk pen set [NINETY SECOND WAR]

1961 -- McGarrett and three other officers stop Curt Stoner from robbing Oahu National Bank. Stoner's bomb explodes in his hands [HOOKMAN]

1961 -- On Naval Reserve duty, Steve meets and falls in love with Cathy (Wallis), vacationing in Hawaii. She leaves to marry someone else. [TIME AND MEMORIES]

1962 -- Dan Williams joins HPD

1965 -- Steve falls for Margo Cooper, who leaves him to pursue her photography career [THANKS FOR THE HONEYMOON]

November 1967 -- Steve meets HPD Officer Danny Williams *A First Time For Everything*

Summer 1968 -- Danny joins Five-0 *Aloha Aikane*

August 1968 -- McGarrett travels to Switzerland for a working vacation -- attending an international drug control conference, and skiing [GOODNIGHT BABY TIME TO DIE] [NINETY-SECOND WAR]

September 1968 -- Steve meets Wo Fat [PILOT]  INJURY --Steve tortured.

September 68 -- FULL FATHOM FIVE --episode

The first time we see Steve and this Danny Williams working together.  There is some tension, some conflict and some great humor.

OCTOBER 1968 -- While off-duty, Dan chases and kills a car theft suspect. The first time he has ever killed someone is made worse when the perpetrator's weapon cannot be found. Dan is booked for murder [AND THEY PAINTED DAISIES ON HIS COFFIN] ** Great relationship episode -- Steve trying to toughen Danny after the shooting.  Steve's unflinching loyalty and fighting against everybody to clear Dan.  Including violence against the real criminal.

November 1968 -- INJURY -- Chin Ho Kelly hospitalized for skull fracture. [TWENTY-FOUR KARAT KILL]

November 1968 -- Steve goes undercover in a California prison. [WAYS OF LOVE]

December 1968 -- INJURY -- Steve shot three times; stomach, side and arm. Perpetrator, Joseph Trinian, is killed by Dan while attempting to assassinate Attorney General Walter Stuart. [YESTERDAY DIED AND TOMORROW WON'T BE BORN] ** excellent episode highlighting young Danny as suddenly thrust into command at Five-0.  Conflicts with everyone, his tension at the responsibility.  His anger and distress that Steve is critically injured.  The foundation of what all hospital scenes should be!

January 1969 -- INJURY -- Broken ribs for McGarrett, sustained in a fight with a Behemoth! [PRAY LOVE REMEMBER]

January 1969 -- INJURY -- Dan shot in the abdomen and held hostage by a deranged Vietnam vet. [KING OF THE HILL] ** the flip side of YESTERDAY DIED AND TOMORROW WON'T BE BORN -- This time Danny is the one seriously injured and Steve is the one going ballistic trying to save him  Again, incredible examples of Steve's  passion for protecting his guys, especially Danny.

January 1969 -- Dan goes undercover in the local drug culture to bust a dealer. [UPTIGHT] ** nice beach scenes with Danny and the girl

January 1969 -- Steve sets himself up as a hostage in a prison stand-off.  Big Chicken, from AND THEY PAINTED DAISIES ON HIS COFFIN is the chief nemesis.  [THE BOX] **Great stuff between Steve and Dan -- Dan trying to talk McGarrett out of this foolish idea.  This is the beginning of Steve's penchant for almost reckless disregard for his own safety. [INJURY] -- Steve roughed up by Chick's pals.

February 1969 -- Steve's nephew dies. Against the wishes of his sister, Mary Ann, Steve goes after the doctor treating the little boy for cancer. [ONCE UPON A TIME] ** the most incredible depths of grief are reached here by Steve.  Anger, passion, sorrow.  One of the few times we see him in tears.  Very personal scene when STeve is suffering and Dan is talking to him

March 1969 -- Steve goes undercover as a safecracker. [SIX KILOS]

September 1969 -- Dan's undercover as a soldier investigating insurance scams [A THOUSAND PARDONS YOU'RE DEAD]

October 1969 -- Once again Steve confronts Wo Fat. This time he is forced to allow the spy freedom. [FORTY FEET HIGH AND IT KILLS]

October 1969 -- INJURY -- Wo Fat is back in town. One of his minions brainwashes an HPD woman working with Five-0, to shoot Steve -- shot in the left shoulder [A BULLET FOR McGARRETT] ** again, Steve throws himself into danger against the objections of his second-in-command

November 1969 -- INJURY -- Steve stabbed in the arm from an umbrella/sword-stick. [SWEET TERROR]

November 1969 -- Steve flies to Singapore to bring back Nicole Wylie to testify against Ravasco. On the trip back, while running for their lives, they fall for each other. [THE SINGAPORE FILE] *several fanfic stories on this site* ** for the first time we see Steve falling for someone here -- great humor and romantic overtones here.

December 1969 -- INJURY -- After a party celebrating Steve's 39th birthday, he's blinded in a car bomb explosion. [BLIND TIGER] ** great scenes with Steve's birthday party.  More great hospital scenes.  Good personal stuff with Steve and nurse.

January 1970 -- [INJURY] -- Steve has a huge knock-down-drag-out fight with a Hawaiian kid he's trying to bring in.

February 1970 -- Chin Ho Kelly is framed for bribery. [CRY LIE] ** again, another example of Steve losing his cool big time when one of his guys is hurt

February 1970 -- [MOST LIKELY TO MURDER] -- ** Excellent character study here with Danny conflicted by his old loser friend and his duties to McGarrett and Five-0. *fan tie-in story -- PALE SHADOW OF REVENGE

September 1970 -- Wo Fat is behind the attempt to silence a spy. [AND A TIME TO DIE]

September 1970 -- INJURY -- Kono hit on the head. [TROUBLE IN MIND]

October 1970 -- Cathy Wallis comes back into Steve's life when she's suspected of murdering her husband. [TIME AND MEMORIES] ** good conflict with Steve trying to give Cathy a break and doing his duty

October 1970 -- INJURY -- Kono is kidnapped and beaten. [THE RANSOM] ** again, Steve is so upset about Kono being kidnapped -- some excellent scenes of angst

October 1970 -- INJURY -- Steve breaks his right hand and receives a concussion when caught in a boat explosion. Works on an old boat given as a gift. [FORCE OF WAVES] ** really nice stuff here with Dan trying to keep Steve limited in the investigation due to his injuries.   More good hospital scenes.  We finally get to see one of Steve's boats

December 1970 -- Dan's girlfriend, Jane Michaels, is murdered by a serial killer. [BEAUTIFUL SCREAMER] ** landmark episode -- deep angst, lots of suffering.  We see Danny happy with his girlfriend, torn apart by anguish, comforted by McGarrett.  One of the all-too-few personal scenes between them.  We see Dan's apartment.  And the first example of Dan's explosive temper that is rarely displayed but is really dangerous.  Also, first resignation attempt by Dan.  *fanfic tie-in -- THE FOX AND THE HOUND

December 1970 -- INJURY -- In Maui on a case, Steve is shot in the right arm. [PANIOLO]

January 1971 -- Dan goes undercover as an AWOL soldier to find a suspect. [KILL OR BE KILLED]

February 1971 -- INJURY -- The Five-0 staff held hostage by a bomber who wants Danny to surrender himself to be killed. Chin is temporarily blinded. [THE BOMBER AND MRS. MORONEY] Steve on the mainland.

September 1971 -- INJURY -- Steve shot in the left shoulder during an emotionally charged case. [HIGHEST CASTLE DEEPEST GRAVE] ** this is a moody and reflective episode.  We see Steve soften s he gets to know the mysterious Sirone.  He and Dan have a fantastic scene at the office where Steve talks about the enchanting mystique surround the long-dead victim they are investigating.  One of the few times we see inside Steve's dreams and rare wistful moments. An interlude we imagine happens often, but is never seen.

October 1971 -- INJURY -- Danny shot in the left shoulder while trying to shoot a sniper. [AND I WANT SOME CANDY AND A GUN THAT SHOOTS] ** good stuff here -- lots of action, lots of Five-0 and HPD working together.  Tension when Dan goes up the mountain in the capacity of a marksman, and when he's shot, then tries to carry through with his assignment.  Steve's stress at the stand-off, the wounded and dying officers, and when Dan fails to kill the sniper and is shot instead.

November 1971 -- A mysterious criminal taunts the Five-0 staff with threats. When he attempts to assassinate the governor, Dan kills him. INJURY -- Kono shot in the back. [REST IN PEACE SOMEBODY] ** An outstanding episode -- it is a solid get-em -- someone out to ruin Steve and make him suffer.  Repeated threats that could have easily been deadly.  The psycho who is relentless and invisible.  One of the best quotes ever from Dan -- profiling the criminal mind.  "What would you do if you put yourself in somebody's place who wanted to hurt you.  I mean really put you through torture?  In that place I wouldn't kill you.  Too easy, too fast."


January 1972 -- INJURY -- After a horrible traffic accident, Steve is temporarily paralyzed. He's framed for conspiracy with criminals, which includes a Swiss bank account. Wo Fat is behind it all. [NINETY SECOND WAR]

February 1972 -- WHILE YOU'RE AT IT BRING IN THE MOON -- ** one of the best titles.  Steve is kidnapped in the beginning.  The team works together suing some great detective skills to trap the clever killer.  Nice tension at the end climax.

February 1972 -- CLOTH OF GOLD -- ** great episode with good detective work, Kono at his best with native wisdom.

February 1972 -- DIDN'T WE MEET AT A MURDER -- clever plot, good integration of Five-0 group

February 1972 --FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD -- ** Dan goes undercover on a Navy ship.  Plainclothes -- nice Aloha shirts -- and the only appearance of the white convertible Mustang Dan drives while they are on a tail.  *various fan stories feature this car*

March 1972 -- INJURY -- Steve lacerated in the hand when he tries to wrestle a knife from a killer. [R&R&R]

summer 1972 -- Kono Kalakaua leaves Five-0. Ben Kokua joins the team

September 1972 -- HPD liaison, Sergeant Duke Lukela, is framed as a mob contact. [DEATH IS A COMPANY POLICY] ** very good Duke episode -- Steve tenaciously fighting to save one of his team

October 1972 -- Danny is accused of shooting an unarmed teen. At a friend's funeral, Dan very publicly resigns from Five-0. [PIG IN A BLANKET] ** another landmark episode.  Dan resigns, this time for real.  Lots of guilt and angst.  A hallmark example of Steve's devotion to his people, particularly Dan.

October 1972 -- Chin's uncle and cousin die. Wo Fat is back in town. [THE JINN WHO CLEARS THE WAY] ** nice stuff with Chin and Steve's obsession with catching Wo Fat.

October 1972 -- INJURIES -- Danny sustains a head wound and is hospitalized. Suffers from partial amnesia. [JOURNEY OUT OF LIMBO]   Duke is shot in the shoulder chasing one of the suspects of Dan's attack.

** another landmark episode -- Steve distressed over Dan's mysterious injury and amnesia.  Hospital scenes again.  Probably the very best example of Steve's undying faith in Danny no matter what they are facing.  We see Dan's newer apartment. Lots of the guys working together in unusual circumstances.  My personal, favorite episode, kind-of.

November 1972 -- A member of the infamous Vashon family is killed by McGarrett during a crime. Honore Vashon is jailed for hiring an assassin to kill McGarrett. Framed for murder in the accidental shooting of an unarmed man, Steve is indicted and found guilty. He stays at Doc Bergman's beach house in Aina Haina, which he later rents. [SING A SONG OF SUSPENSE] [V FOR VASHON]  ** We see Steve's apartment on the Ala Wai, from the outside at least.  Bombings, an assassination attempt, courtroom drama, the Aina Haina beach house. 

January 1973 -- Steve reunited with Margo Cooper. [THANKS FOR THE HONEYMOON] ** a glimpse at Steve's personal life with an old girlfriend.

February 1973 -- Steve in Washington DC. [WILL THE REAL MR. WINKLER PLEASE DIE]

February 1973 -- Chin's daughter marries a criminal. [ENGAGED TO BE BURIED] ** A little insight into Chin's family and how the Five-0 team interacts with him and his daughter

September 1973 -- Curt Stoner is released from prison and starts killing policemen, attempts to kill McGarrett. [HOOKMAN] ** One of the best episodes ever -- great get-em -- eliminating cops -- Steve is on the list -- action, danger, nice marksmanship by Dan. Classic scenario with the Governor and Steve putting the clues together.

September 1973 -- Danny is the bait to draw out a murderer. [DRAW ME A KILLER] ** excellent episode and one of my favorites.  Danny set up as a target to get a real psycho -- all tied in with a comic strip.  Good detective work and we get to see Dan in an HPD uniform.

September 1973 -- Steve is quarantined by a bubonic plague outbreak. [CHARTER FOR DEATH]

December 1973 -- TRY TO DIE ON TIME -- ** great classic detective work with lost of plot twists, lots of interaction with the detectives.  One of the best scenes with the four officers approaching a suspect's apartment and getting shot at -- this episode has everything that makes a great Five-0 episode.

January 1974 -- INJURY -- Dan hit on head. [BANZAI PIPELINE]

February 1974 -- INJURY -- An obsessive fan is killing to help Steve fight criminals. While in pursuit, Steve is hit in the head with a trash can. [MOTHER'S DEADLY HELPER] ** another classic episode -- pyscho serial killer -- good scenes, good chases.  *fanfic tie-in --Mother's Deadly Revenge*

February 1974 -- McGarrett and Williams sail on the SS Monterey to California to track a killer. [KILLER AT SEA]

September 1974 -- Dan and Curt Metzger are kidnapped by a terrorist group. [YOUNG ASSASSINS] ** okay, this is the OTHER FAVORITE episode on my list -- a very close, close second.  Steve's obsessive quest to save his friends -- his reactions after Curt is murdered -- his unleashed violence on the bad guy at the end makes an incredible and unforgettable landmark experience.

September 1974 -- Ongoing series of articles on Five-0 in Honolulu magazine feature in a criminal's reconstructions of the crimes. [I'LL KILL 'EM AGAIN] **again, psycho serial killer -- great.

November 1974 -- INJURY -- When a bomb explodes in his office, Steve is injured with a concussion and a damaged left arm. [A GUN FOR McGARRETT] ** a very good showcase for Steve -- a glimpse into his personal life and habits

December 1974 -- Five-0 is charged with corruption when look-alikes pose as the detectives in an extortion scam. [WELCOME TO OUR BRANCH OFFICE] ** funny and fun and the expression and reaction of Steve when he discovers the deception is priceless

December 1974 -- The circus comes to Honolulu and so does Wo Fat. [PRESENTING IN THE CENTER RING -- MURDER]

December 31, 1974 -- Ben leaves Five-0 -- possibly injured on a case. [HARA KIRI: MURDER] *fanfic In The Line Of Duty* ** it looks like Ben gets shot at the very end of this, but nothing is said about it on screen.

January 1975 -- Frank Kamana temporarily comes onto the team. [BONES OF CONTENTION]

September 1975 -- While on reserve duty McGarrett investigates a murder with NI in Pearl Harbor. To help with the investigation Danny is hypnotized. [MURDER -- EYES ONLY]

September 1975 -- INJURY -- Escorting a prisoner from the Big Island, Steve's plane goes down, he's hurt on the knee and cut on the head. [McGARRETT IS MISSING] ** if you ever want to see Steve suffer, he does an effective job here

October 1975 -- Honore Vashon and other prisoners take hostages at Oahu State Penitentiary. They demand, and receive, McGarrett in exchange for the others. Danny goes in with the SWAT team. [A CASE AGAINST McGARRETT] ** Again, Steve throws himself into danger as a hostage and Dan is very unhappy, heading the rescue mission.  Classic McGarrett stuff as he debates Vashon.

October 1975 -- Now renting the former safehouse/beach house in Aina Haina, Steve takes a witness there. [SING A SONG OF SUSPENSE] ** insight into Steve's personal habits, his life away from Five-0.

November 1975 -- Aunt Clara Williams makes her first trip to Hawaii to visit her nephew. [RETIRE IN SUNNY HAWAII -- FOREVER] ** we finally meet Aunt Clara and she is funny and witty and brave.  Danny's reactions to her exploits are great.  Steve's reactions to the old people and Clara are great.

December 1975 -- Steve is framed and indicted for smuggling an artifact. [WOODEN MODEL OF A RAT] ** Steve framed and indicted -- nice angst

December 1975 -- One of Danny's informants is murdered with Danny's pistol. Williams is brought into the office under guard. [DEADLY PERSUASION] ** another good example of Dan in trouble, framed, and Steve's undying faith in his detective -- working hard to clear him.  A great climax -- scenic and good stuff.

January 1976 -- INJURY -- While escorting a mob informant, Steve is shot in the left shoulder. For the first time he works with Officer Sandi Wells. [LOOSE ENDS GET HIT] ** Sandi is funny.  Steve doesn't know how to deal with her and his reactions are great to see.

January 1976 -- TURKEY SHOOT AT MAKAPUU POINT -- some unusual action.  Danny in 2 Aloha shirts!  Dan's job is escorting Molly Taggart, a hang gliding witness to murder.  Some nice scenes and great scenery.

February 1976 -- INJURY -- On stake-out duty, Duke is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. [LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, TAKE HIS WIFE]

September 1976 -- INJURY -- Five-0 relocates. The Palace is being renovated, the police unit moves across King Street to the cramped Territorial Building. Anti-toxins are stolen from Hawaii, Steve chases a lead to Hong Kong, where he is captured, tortured and brainwashed by Wo Fat. [NINE DRAGONS] **THE landmark episode with Wo Fat.  Can't say enough about this two hours.  Incredible stuff, the face-to-face with Steve and Wo Fat the best.

November 1976 -- Steve and Five-0 are accused of misappropriating state funds. McGarrett's signature is forged by a master forger. Steve appears on the cover of Honolulu Magazine. [LAST OF THE GREAT PAPERHANGERS] ** Steve signs an autograph.  Cute stuff

December 1976 -- INJURY -- While dating a visiting photographer, Dan is hit on the head, the lady is kidnapped. [DOUBLE EXPOSURE] ** a glimpse of Dan dating someone who ends up in danger -- this could have been a lot better, but what we got was good.

December 1976 -- To trap a cop killer, Steve and Danny go undercover as patrolmen. [TARGET -- A COP] ** a great episode.  A pyscho killer out to eliminate cops.  Steve and Dan end up in uniform -- Excellent!  And amid the stress and grim case, there's some cute teasing.

January 1977 -- INJURY -- Steve is framed for the murder of his girlfriend, Cathi Ryan. Suffers head injury. Bailed out of jail by his team. [MAN IN A STEEL FRAME] ** A landmark episode.  Steve arrested, out on bail, trying to clear himself while NOT working the case officially.  Steve emotionally suffers so well and it comes across here in heavy doses.  Nice scene when Steve blows up at Manicote -- defending Dan's actions.

February 1977 -- Tracking kidnappers, Danny hikes in the wilds of Kauai to rescue the victim. [TO DIE IN PARADISE] ** nice scenery, Dan out in the woods in peril, nice rescue by Steve.

March 1977 -- INJURY -- Mobster moving into Hawaii bombs Steve's office. Steve is hospitalized with depressed skull fracture, Duke sustains a broken left arm, Chin breaks two ribs, Dan has cuts and bruises. [BLOOD MONEY IS HARD TO WASH] ** Explosion in the office, Five-0 out to get the mobster who did it -- some neat stuff here

May 1977 -- PRACTICAL JOKES CAN KILL YOU --  Dan again gets involved with Molly Taggart (Turkey Shoot At Makapuu) when hang gliding experts are implicated in a crime.  What is really significant here is that when Danny goes to question Molly and friends, Molly gives him the mad/cold-shoulder routine, implying there was a relationship after they met and things went sour.

September 1977 -- Steve has the dubious honor of being the target of a world famous reporter. [COP ON THE COVER] ** a lot of good sparing here with Steve and the reporter, Dan mediating.

October 1977 -- Descent of the Torches --** an off beat episode where the Five-0 detectives go to the Big Island and investigate a disappearance/murder.  Native customs and kapu explored, Duke helps by using local contacts.

February 1978 -- INJURY -- A Lone Ranger undercover attempt goes woefully sour for Steve. He's cornered by Five-0 and slugs Dan to try and get away, deservedly damaging his hand. [A SHORT WALK ON THE LONG SHORE] ** this is a classic example of what Steve should not do.  He secretly goes undercover without telling his guys, falls for his informant, slugs Dan while resisting arrest and then goes out and places himself in danger again. In many ways, this is a tough one to watch as Steve makes some big mistakes

MARCH 1978 -- Steve's good friend Bradley, an HPD undercover narcotics officer, is killed while working for Five-0 on a case.  [ANGEL IN BLUE]

April 1978 -- Duke is splashed in face with developing fluid, but his eyes are okay. [MY FRIEND THE ENEMY]  Cute teasing -- Steve to Dan about his kind of crush on this international celebrity writer.  Steve does his own flirting here

May 1978 -- DEATH -- Chin Ho Kelly is murdered while undercover, the Kumu, with Kapi Pahoa is involved. [DEATH IN THE FAMILY] ** a landmark episode where they kill off Chin.  Steve suffers greatly here.  We get to see Chin's daughter ( a different one this time).

September 1978 -- In a case involving government agents, McGarrett meets Dr. Karl Rathman, an expert on brainwashing/hypnosis at the March Foundation [THE SLEEPER] *fanfic Talons of the Dragon* *Ghost of the Dragon* *Scars of the Dragon*

October 1978 -- Agnes DuBois's dubiously offers to help Five-0 with a case. McGarrett comes head to head with the charming astrologer. [HOROSCOPE FOR MURDER] ** sparks fly between Steve and Agnes and I thought she was a perfect foil for him, and a good strong possible romantic interest

October 1978 -- INJURY -- Kidnapped by Chinese spies, Dan is brainwashed to kill McGarrett. [DEADLY COURIER] *fanfic Talons of the Dragon*  ** landmark episode -- Dan kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed.  The climax with Steve trying to talk Dan out of shooting him -- well -- it hardly gets better than this in all of the 12 seasons

October 1978 -- While undercover, Steve (yet again) gets into trouble and is busted by the Feds. [SMALL POTATOES] ** Steve in disguise with a wig and a white suit is something to see.  When Dan comes to bail him out it is a really cute scene.

November 1978 -- Things go awry for Danny (!) when he goes undercover to bust a neo-Nazi organization. [DISTANT THUNDER] ** again, an undercover operation that did not go well.  Some cute scenes as Steve preps Dan for the operation, and when Dan works in a Gas Station! Dan is beat up a little after he is discovered.

November 1978 -- Dan's high school sweetheart, Melissa Cole, returns. [A LONG TIME AGO] ** personal story with Dan's old girlfriend using him

December 1978 -- Tony Alika is head of the Kumu [NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET] ** some personal insight into Steve's past.  This is where we find out how his father was killed and why he became a cop.  And his passion for protecting innocents and nabbing criminals.  And this deserves points for the end alone -- Steve, Dan, Duke at a concert!

February 1979 -- INJURY -- McGarrett, the "Sherlock Homes of Hawaii" arrests Alika. Duke injured in car wreck. [STRINGER]

April 1979 -- Steve and Dan travel to Singapore to find the source of the drug connection ending in Honolulu. [YEAR OF THE HORSE]

October 1979 -- Dan Williams no longer with Five-0. New detectives James Carew and Truck join the unit. [LION IN THE STREETS] *fanfic Ghost Of The Dragon*

October 1979 -- Lori Wilson joins Five-0. [WHO SAID COPS DON'T CRY] *fanc fic  Ghost Of The Dragon*

November 1979 -- Alika makes Five-0 look like the keystone cops. [GOOD HELP IS HARD TO FIND] *fanfic Ghost Of The Dragon*  **quote alluding to what might have happened to Dan after the summer of 79 --

April 1980 -- Steve goes undercover again, this time it works! Wo Fat is finally arrested and jailed in Honolulu. [WOE TO WO FAT] *fanfic Woe to Wo Fat: Conclusion* *Scars of the Dragon*